[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #378] [libremakepkg] reintroduce -u

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Wed Sep 4 12:24:57 GMT 2013

Issue #378 has been updated by mtjm.

"[W]arning if there are uninstalled updates" requires pacman -Sy, so it wouldn't be much different than -Syu with no packages to update?  I don't see any other reason to not do it than that it might be slower.  Or are there any additional correctness issues when updates are done?

Running two more commands is ok for me, documenting this for mips64el development might be ok too.

Bug #378: [libremakepkg] reintroduce -u

Author: mtjm
Status: open
Priority: bug
Assignee: lukeshu
Target version: 

It's needed for fullpkg and mips64el builds depending on previously built updates.

HOOKPREBUILD doesn't solve it: it's run only by treepkg, not fullpkg nor libremakepkg; it would run before cleaning the chroot: updating also packages that will be removed before build.

Why not change it for fullpkg only: libremakepkg -u is faster and can be used for toolchain updates and other builds where the dependency tree of fullpkg is wrong (updating packages to the ones built is needed for toolchain updates).

(Not commenting on the issue of it being default/required or a recommended option disabling which can make broken packages.)

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