[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #379] [librerelease] removes files that were not uploaded

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Wed Sep 4 12:19:19 GMT 2013

Issue #379 has been updated by mtjm.

I don't understand how locking would help: wouldn't it delay the second librestage until librerelease finishes, keeping the CPU idle instead of building packages for several hours in some cases?

The old solution was to make a list of staged files in librerelease once and then release them.  It's safe to continue staging files until the next librerelease run releases them.

Bug #379: [librerelease] removes files that were not uploaded

Author: mtjm
Status: open
Priority: bug
Assignee: lukeshu
Target version: 

# Start librerelease with some files being staged
# Run librestage on another package when librerelease is uploading
# Wait for librerelease to finish upload, remove the uploaded file and the new file which wasn't uploaded

This could also result in unsigned packages being uploaded.

4c1672b437f84a46a03a59fafea459a96c4638a4 introduced this bug.

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