[Dev] Parabola ARM

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Tue Sep 3 17:57:36 GMT 2013

mono at posteo.de writes:

> Hallo,
> I just want to say here is another one interested in Parabola ARM.  am
> running Archlinux ARM on a beaglebone black since about two weeks. So,
> am pretty new to this. I went for this computer because FSF ranks it
> first in there single-board-computers list. From what FSF writes I
> understood only some GPU acceleration things need blobs. Well this
> board runs head-less here anyway and I would like to drop the blobs
> once I find some time and help. Could I start by dropping blobs from
> the kernel, maybe using a stript as done by linux-libre
> (trisquel). How does Parabola creates its kernels?

cool!  yes, you should start by cloning our abslibre.git repo[0] and try
to build libre/linux-libre using makepkg.  you will probably want to
merge it with archarm changes.

if you like to work on a parabola port we can discuss it here or on the
irc channel.  at least you and leonardo will hear us rambling about our
experience porting mips64el ;)

[0]: https://projects.parabolagnulinux.org/abslibre.git

Leonardo Nc <lenieco at gmail.com> writes:

> If raspberry pi puts the binary blob on a rom, does it means that never
> will be possible to free raspberry pi?

this means it's somewhat acceptable to use it with free software because
you aren't required to install or distribute binary blobs, since they're
embedded in the device.

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