[Dev] From ban and justice.

Gravi themightygravi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 09:53:41 GMT 2013

Dear Parabola's community;

As some of you already noticed, the Fantastic Triad (GuestOne, Gravi and icarious) has been banned recently due to the whim of a tyrant.

I want to make clear a set of points which emphatize why our behaviour was harmless and why the response has been disproportional.

A day and a half ago, the not well-known user "taylanub" boastfully bursted in the chat, censoring some behaviours, and wanting to be treated like the very incarnation of Jesuschrist.

Thanks to him, I discover some of my attributes: "childlike, rude, inappropriate and fool".

Prior to that situation, icarious and me were quielty talking in the chat, and when the new one came, we greeted him cordially.

"taylanub" was offended with my particular and frequent use of the "xD" expression, so the fight was served in the moment we start talking about the best programming language for beginners.

"taylanub" was offended once again with our nearly and ludicrous style of speech, so a crazy third member of the Triad (GuestOne) started to participate without any kind of known tact, and maybe with the inane intention of playing using the new words that day had learnt, so he lost control and started to say nonsense things (misogyny and sexist things) that weren't invited to the topic of the conversation.

So, in the need of relaxing the situation, icarious and me enjoyed the time and, as far as I remember, we laughed at Guesty's dispars, not at Tayla's.

"taylanub" was offended as well, so he threaten to report ourselves for a ban cause "the channel wasn't what he used to expect".

Some hours later (for me, the next morning), all things returned to normality. I was helping a user in the IRC and for the rest, the activity on the channel was relaxed.

Suddenly, I got banned by fauno for "Allowing harassing" so icarious and GuestOne were for his reasons.

Hereby, I want to denounce fauno's behaviour for the causes:

* Authority excess
* Unilateral tyrant and deliberate decission taking.
* Dragging from the channel people ignoring consecuences for all the community.
* Prevent the affected parts to defend itselfs.
* Favor his favourite part without a proper trial or judge's quality.
* Hypocrisy and violation of the foundations of the democratic nature of the project.

I demand the inmediate and irremisible actions to be done:

* Unban the users "GuestOne, Gravi and icarious"
* Start a conversation along with "taylanub" and "fauno" to achieve an understanding and to present respects to all the implicates.
* Punish fauno's negligent and abusive exercise of power, as long and promoting a new member to replace himself as the coordinator of the IRC channel.
* Return to normality with compromise inmediately.
* Avoid bringing from now own, personal problems to the IRC, or provocative attitudes.

With all the respect and compromise,
in the name of my brothers in ban,
Hoping to see you soon; 
Gravi <themightygravi at gmail.com>
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