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That Javier Barcenas needs to know what charity means and how to live it for the sake of himself and his neighbors; the hard way, off course...

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>Hi guys, the lastest email that i sent to you, was a wrong revision
>which had some errors to be fixed subsequently.
>How you can see, this asseveration about crime against humanity was
>fixed and removed in the final version, but due my negligence, i sent
>the wrong email without properly revisions unfortunately, and it is
>due a lot of tasks that i'm having (works to delivery urgently to my
>clients, nights without sleep, etc, etc), so i didn't paid attention
>on that detail.
>Now, i'm sending to you the final version with the corrections
>included. I hope that previous email hasn't been a mere freudian act
>(subconscious) with exaggerate deep indignation by my part and i hope
>which it can be compressible.
>But if that negligence gives mis-understood, repudiation or another
>type of negative appreciations to me and my family. i'm ready to
>assume a complete responsibility about it due that i didn't sent the
>correct revision...
>André Fabian Silva Delgado
>Hacker de Parabola GNU/Linux-libre
>Hereby we're sending to your attention the details of a conference
>proofs in video) that was given in the Argentinian city of San Carlos
>Bariloche, for careful analysis by the Free Software Foundation
>community and for due appreciation.
>On Saturday, 8th of June 2013, was given an 8 hours long presentation
>of the FSF-endorsed free GNU/Linux-libre distribution Parabola, and the
>3D software Blender, during which the audience could learn how to
>a Parabola hacker, use Blender, and install and use the said distro.
>I gave this presentation in the Andin venue of the University of Rio
>Negro, at Mitre 630, 2nd floor "A" in San Carlos de Bariloche. This
>presentation was open to the public, with free entrance, and entirely
>Among many proposals that he made to me and my family--involved in all
>those developments, Javier Barcenas, who invited me to speak at this
>event, insisted on promoting the initiative of "free software
>development groups in Bariloche" with (pre-recorded) introductory talks
>to this art form using the Blender software.[0]
>Another proposal was to use the technology (and free software) to
>produce "social goods".
>Two days before the event, on Thursday, 6th of June, I (André Silva)
>participated along with Javier Barcena in a radio interview where I
>introduced the Parabola distro, with the main objective of promoting
>said event.
>The essential reason of our distribution, like most free distributions,
>is to provide our users via such events, with the most possible
>information regarding the genealogy of each of those distributions, and
>how to install and manipulate our software so that the end user
>from reliable materials that ease their experience.
>As you can imagine, in free software, we don't benefit much from
>advertising means, nor proper promotion in the media like generally
>happens with proprietary software, and for that reasons, such an event
>essentially provides an effective mechanism for free software to reach
>to a large audience, and make many people aware that they can use a
>better alternative than proprietary software.
>Such events, thus, are crucial in this effort to bring awareness to
>society as a whole, of the benefits of free software. Behind each free
>software, including Parabola, lies as well a great collaborative effort
>of many hackers of the community, from many countries, who completely
>altruistically (and without any objective of favoritism) are working
>hard and synchronously to provide the user with software that respect
>their rights and their freedom, and granting those issues top priority.
>On the one hand, given the importance of those events, for the quality
>of the effort and the scarcity of the opportunities, it's a priority as
>well for us to preserve intact and integral the recordings that were
>made in the radio and at the university, so as to share them with the
>world and expand their reach to the most remote places.
>On the other hand, it's also fundamental that our work is recognized,
>with due respect, and that is honored the binding commitment to deliver
>in a timely manner into our hands, the exact copies of the recordings
>that were made, in their integrity, with the same affect and respect
>that we put when we record for the University of Bariloche, or the
>broadcast in that city.
>But once this wonderful event at the University of Bariloche was done,
>much time passed, during which I had to ask several times copies to
>Javier Barcenas, in charge of the event, but I never got proper
>from him, as he was eluding the topic, or not returning calls, with the
>argument that he didn't have access to the recordings.
>Finally, as it seemed to be impossible to access this recorded
>we decided to resign ourselves to forget all about it, along with
>promises to create hypothetical cooperatives to initiate a small
>industry of libre video games, to install clusters with Parabola, etc.,
>and so on and so forth.
>Time passed and like anything, that remained a dead letter, however, in
>the month of September of this year, came the celebration of the 30th
>anniversary of the GNU project, that was such a significant event for
>and many, that it catalyzed great enthusiasm among the Parabola
>and all the free software community.
>As you know, this marvelous event constituted for all of us (not only
>Parabola) a charismatic and attractive event on the international
>and so each free software distribution could exhibit with much pride
>fruits of their various trajectories.
>Logically, as Parabola is a young distribution, and we do not have
>significant videos that actually reflected our collaborative effort, we
>decided to call again, almost supplicating, to obtain the video that we
>considered our legitimate asset and legacy.
>But one more time, Javier Barcenas explained with indifference that he
>would not provide the videos for the same reason that he did not have
>access to the recorded materials. Following this, the expression of our
>impotence generated indignation. Cristina Derazenski, an organizer of
>the GNU30 event in Buenos Aires, decided to insist and took on her to
>call again, using all means of arguments and an effusive language, that
>finally convinced Javier Barcenas to respect our position, although
>reluctantly, and send us the recordings on DVD (that we had been asking
>for so insistently.) But instead of following the simple instructions
>Cristina, he sent the DVD to the Aeroparque airport without any name
>address for a recipient, leaving it to total abandon at the airport,
>leaving to the local group in Buenos Aires the burden to organize
>themselves at the last minute and pay for the recovery of the package,
>thanks to the personal attention of Luis Falcón.
>But once we finally obtained this DVD, we could not show it at the
>of the GNU30, as it was adulterated in 14 consecutive chunks [1], some
>with problematic scenes, or missing moments of the talk, including one
>with only sound, and no video. In the end we discovered with
>that *the Blender talk was completely missing, as well as an interview
>that I gave at the end of the presentation of Parabola*.
>In the last two weeks, we have done a thorough analysis of the
>recordings and we determined that those failures were not merely
>accidental. In our analysis of those videos, there's clearly a moment
>where the camera falls, that could justify subsequent failures and
>cuts, nevertheless such failures and cuts also occur before
>this incident. For this reason, we're turning to the community to
>denounce this fact of serious consequence.
>Parabola is a cosmopolitan distribution, made by many enthusiasts and
>hackers from distinct nationalities in various parts of the world, so
>that our material is not exclusively ours or the FSF's but constitutes
>heritage of the world community.
>The story we're sharing today affected us, and others, not only
>materially but also morally.
>For this motive, and for those reasons, we're turning towards you all:
>to intimate a new call and a new alert for this form of behaviors, to
>avoid that such incidents damages the work of the Distributions but
>also all users and the community in general.
>That's it. Counting on your understanding and your support, I salute
>André Fabian Silva Delgado
>Hacker de Parabola GNU/Linux-libre
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