[Dev] About the Presentation of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre and Blender in Bariloche

Gravi themightygravi at inventati.org
Sat Oct 26 06:35:01 GMT 2013

Hi man!

I'm sadden with what I read, Emulator, but sounds familiar to me those things comming from the human animal.

>From now on, taking into account the negligent nature of those motherfuckers, and feeling sorry about the limited axis of this craneal radius, I suggest you to bring responsibles of both video and audio recording to your future conferences.

As you can see, you can only trust your close people, and if we (global people) can benefit of your talks and conferences, the effort is not only worth, but we have to provide all the support we can offer you.

All production must be first-hand controlled in order to achieve our goals, we cannot hope to receive further collaboration with the appropiate seriousness, and if we have it anyway, we should be aware of it and take precaution to prevent that kind of embarrasing situations.

We have a considerable structure of P2P networking, plus people inside web programming and also good audio producers, so... I ask you, what's left in order to propagate the "libre gospel"?

Cannot travel to Argentina to dressing down that bitches, but let me know if there is something I can do.

This is the very question we have to ask ourselves when a brother has been offended.

Take care!
Strenght and Honor!

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