[Dev] About the Presentation of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre and Blender in Bariloche

Icarious icarious at hacari.org
Fri Oct 25 21:22:54 GMT 2013

I strongly denounce such an act on behalf of the organizers. We work hard days and nights for progress of freedom and free-software. These events are NOT-AT-ALL meant to be confined within the closed four walls of a conference room but everyone in the world deserves to view them. That is the purpose of streaming / releasing these videos since the very first minute the event starts.

> But instead of following the simple instructions of
Cristina, he sent the DVD to the Aeroparque airport without any name nor
address for a recipient, leaving it to total abandon at the airport, and
leaving to the local group in Buenos Aires the burden to organize
themselves at the last minute and pay for the recovery of the package,
thanks to the personal attention of Luis Falcón.
We all deserve atleast a basic amount of respect and recognition for the word we do. 

We all deserve a basic level of recognition and respect for the work we do , if not a payment. And treating someone like this is nothing but a total disrespect for the person, the philosophy and the entire World Community behind it. 

Emulatorman has been an integral part of Parabola GNU/Linux. Personally, he has been ever helpful to me and others I have known of, and deserves to be supported and to be voiced. 

I humbly request everyone to support him and protest against such Politics and Dirty Policy on behalf of the organizers. I don't want politics and bad behaviour to affect our work. Today it does saddens me to see a fellow brother to go through this.

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