[Dev] Parabola ARM

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Thu Oct 17 23:40:31 GMT 2013

Pablo Manuel Rizzo <info at pablorizzo.com> writes:

>>> If raspberry pi puts the binary blob on a rom, does it means that never
>>> will be possible to free raspberry pi?
>> this means it's somewhat acceptable to use it with free software because
>> you aren't required to install or distribute binary blobs, since they're
>> embedded in the device.
> Hi there,
> Sorry, but think again, that makes no sense! Moving blobs to rom only
> means you shouldn't use that hardware because you are absolutely
> unable to remove the non-free software. It's the worst case.

that's why i said "somewhat acceptable".  many things include non free
and unmodifiable firmware in rom chips, luckily we have projects like
coreboot to free our bioses!!

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