[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #420] (open) [librechroot] Doesn't handle stdin being redirected correctly.

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Wed Oct 9 18:11:52 GMT 2013

Issue #420 has been reported by lukeshu.

Bug #420: [librechroot] Doesn't handle stdin being redirected correctly.

Author: lukeshu
Status: open
Priority: bug
Target version: 

This is because of a bug in systemd-nspawn.

The systemd bug is at: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70290

In the latest version (20131007), it prints a warning if stdin is not a TTY, but allows you to continue.

This cannot be easily worked around. It *might* be possible using a new C program, I know of nothing that will handle PTYs correctly; socat won't do it unless it has an option I'm skipping over in the man page.

Unless/until the systemd bug is fixed, it might be best to fail immediately if stdin isn't a TTY.

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