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Wed Oct 9 17:57:49 GMT 2013

Thank you again!

the deblobbing script found one additional code line that was about loading some firmware. so that seems nice. Though, one issue with the deblob script is, running on parabola I need to change /usr/bin/python to symlink python2 not python3. One more issue with that script I just noticed, it seems not to be reliable on detecting firmware which it does not know about. One of the patches applied by Archlinux ARM to the kernel sources introduces a so-called PM firmware. That is obviously a binary blob, by looking at a file consisting of only human-nonreadable numberes. I removed that by hand for now. So atm I'd think running the deblob script after blindly applying patches is not a good idea. Am looking to the patches more close now. Which take me a significant amount of time.

Am still working on this (slowly). Just wanted to share the status :)
eventually I will report back laters

btw. I was thinking about storing my current PKGBUILD for a possibly resulting linux-libre-am33x package at some parabola repository. Is that possible? and how? 

best regards

On Sat, Sep 07, 2013 at 04:08:02AM -0300, Nicolás Reynolds wrote:
> mono at posteo.de writes:
> > Hey Nicolás,
> >
> > thanks for the hints! it looks my beaglebone black compiled and now
> > runs a new kernel. It applied the archlinuxarm patches to
> > linux-libre-3.8.13. Only a few conflicts had to be resolved by
> > hand. Well, the new patches count some 100,000 lines and I didn't read
> > all of them. How can I make sure they dont'n introduce new blobs? What
> > worries me too, there is no "Missing Free firmware" message in the
> > dmesg output.
> you could apply the patches and then run the deblobbing script from
> linux-libre :)
> it's been a few years since i last used it, it used lots and lots of ram
> but i think lxo solved this problem.
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