[Dev] libretools 20131112 release announcement

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 13 19:24:38 GMT 2013

Yesterday I pushed libretools 20131112 to [libre].  I applogize for
not doing the release announcement the.  It is a bugfix release.

The libretools.conf has changed, but the change should not affect
existing users; they may like the changes though.

Changes from 20131027 to 20131112:
 * librechroot: check argument counts; extra arguments, or too few
   arguments is now an error
 * chcleanup (librechroot clean-pkgs): No longer runs `pacman -Sy`.
   It was doing so to force [repo] to update; it now updates [repo]
 * libregit is deprecated for gitget: a compatability wrapper is
   provided, so consumers of libregit will continue to work.
 * createworkdir: now sets a separate url and pushUrl.
 * treepkg, fullpkg: obey $TMPDIR when creating temporary files
 * libremessages(1): (manpage) clarify when gettext is used.
 * By default, base $WORKDIR off of $LIBREHOME, not /home/$LIBREUSER
 * librechroot: use LC_ALL=C instead of LANG=C when parsing the output
   of `mount`.  This could have causes issues with some languages.
 * treepkg: fail early if there is a configuration error
 * librerelease: no longer redirects the output of `gpg --detach-sign`
 * tests: use LC_ALL=C instead of LANG=C when parsing output.
 * treepkg, aur, is_built: internationalize
 * normalize to `[[` instead of `[`
 * fix quoting on arrays in a couple of places

Changes to the default libretools.conf:

Before, `CREATEWORKDIR` defaulted to `/home/$LIBREUSER/packages`, now
it defaults to `$LIBREHOME/packages`; the default value now works for
users with their HOME in weird locations. 

To facilitate `createworkdir` setting separate `url` and `pushUrl`
settings in `$WORKDIR/abslibre`, the `ABSLIBREGIT` setting has been
split into:

 * `ABSLIBRERECV`: the URL for recieving updates (`git pull`; `url`)
 * `ABSLIBRESEND`: the URL for sending updates (`git push`; `pushUrl`)

There are several benefits of this:

 * Users who clone before having access will no longer have to change
   the setting after having their SSH key added.
 * The password for your SSH key won't have to be entered before
   pulling (your key is encrypted, right?)

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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