[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #323] [chcleanup] Fails when a foreign version of a package has depends the repo version doesn't.

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Wed May 29 01:34:42 GMT 2013

Issue #323 has been updated by lukeshu.

alfplayer, about #5: It defaults to what your actual /etc/pacman.conf does. If it is disabled in /etc/pacman.conf, librechroot make will disable it by default. If it's enabled in /etc/pacman.conf, librechroot will enable it by default.

But if you didn't disable it, then why is the libre-testing version of libretools in your chroot?
Bug #323: [chcleanup] Fails when a foreign version of a package has depends the repo version doesn't.

Author: lukeshu
Status: open
Priority: bug
Target version: don't break and confuse parabolers

For example:

In my chroot, I have a libretools from [libre-testing], installed via `librechroot install-file libretools-*`, rather than enabling [libre-testing].  However, the following would still happen if I enabled [libre-testing] to install, but then disabled it.

So, I run `libremakepkg`, which runs `chcleanup`.

`chcleanup` querys the repos to find a list of all packages needed for `base-devel`.

What's interesting about this is that libretools on [libre] is not in base-devel, but the [libre-testing]/foreign version is in base-devel.  It knows about the foreign version being in base-devel, so it keeps it installed, but it wants to downgrade to the version on [libre], so itonly includes the dependencies of the [libre] version. So, when it tries to remove "arch-install-scripts", "subversion", and "tokyocabinet", it fails because the installed version of libretools depends on them.

The "fix" for this might be to have `librechroot install-file` add the packages to the local repo, but I think it would be good for chcleanup to handle foreign packages properly.

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