[Dev] Recreating parabolaiso.git

Esteban Carnevale alfplayer at mailoo.org
Sat May 25 19:46:43 GMT 2013

I will recreate parabolaiso.git for two reasons:

1. Some binaries were pushed, and the git repo is much heavier. Git is not good at tracking large binary data, and especially bad at frequently updating large binary data, because the old data can never be removed. We can't push the binary user configuration files directly to git. We have to avoid configuration binaries or get around it somehow, like using an external tarball or keeping separate repos.

2. The current ISO profile directories were copied from the releng directory. This means the profiles don't have a common history with the releng profile, which makes it difficult to transfer commits between profile directories, in particular from releng to the other profiles, which is necessary to merge changes from archiso. Now we are getting one branch for each profile.

Git repository update.

In case you don't know, you can't push from your current branches. One solution is cloning the new repo to a new directory, and reapply local modifications if you have any.

I'll move the current repo to ~old/parabolaiso.git and the new one will use the current URLs. I'll include the profile/branch "gnome", but I won't include the profile for Lxde because it has binary configuration files (Lxde may be pushed when it's ready). I'll do it next week, ok?
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