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Mon May 20 22:57:54 GMT 2013

Issue #326 has been updated by Emulatorman.

i put it on the last revision, but is not stable yet, example: if you install a addon from there it works fine, but when you want install another one, it doesn't works, i don't understand, but f you don't have this problem, please give to us a complete patch based like lukeshu made it one example => https://projects.parabolagnulinux.org/abslibre.git/tree/libre/iceweasel-libre/replace-urls.txt
Bug #326: iceweasel-libre change addons repository

Author: shackra
Status: open
Priority: feature
Assignee: coadde
Target version: 

Trisquel have a better repository of plugins than GNUZilla. Why not change the default repository for those from Trisquel?


Modify (or adapt) the following parameters in about:config like this:

pfs.datasource.url = http://trisquel.info/sites/pfs.php?mime=%PLUGIN_MIMETYPE%
pfs.filehint.url = http://trisquel.info/sites/pfs.php?mime=%PLUGIN_MIMETYPE%

extensions.webservice.discoverURL = https://trisquel.info/browser-plain
extensions.getAddons.search.url = http://trisquel.info

browser.dictionaries.download.url = http://dictionaries.mozdev.org/
browser.search.searchEnginesURL = http://mycroft.mozdev.org/

I uploaded some screenshots to show the final result!

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