[Dev] [Packages (i686 and x86_64) - Freedom issue #321] Virtualbox-Libre is insulting me.

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Thu May 9 12:30:27 GMT 2013

Sorin-Mihai Vârgolici <smv at ceata.org> writes:

> On 09.05.2013 00:17, labs at parabola.nu wrote:
>> Issue #321 has been updated by csolisr.
>> If you want a distro that doesn't complain about your decisions,
>> switch to Arch. I won't write down the procedure as it violates the
>> rules of this site, but it's possible to do it in-place. Now, what
>> really bothers me is that VirtualBox doesn't actively detect whether
>> the user is trying to run a non-free distro and preemptively close
>> the session when detected.
> I understand the need to not give the users any posibility to use 
> non-free software by mistake, but I agree with hellekin. I choose what 
> to install and use, since freedom 0 is guaranteed to me by free 
> software. When I need/want to hack, reverse engineer, test, observe, 
> learn, understand why those abominations (called non-free and 
> proprietary software) exist and what they are trying to force to the 
> users throat, you name it, I don't need/want to be stripped of my 
> freedom 0 by free software.
> Or maybe someone wants to decide in my place what should I do with my 
> computer, regardless of my freedom 0?
> Freedom in obscurity is as bad as security by obscurity!

i agree with smv, i proppose to change the color to something less
violent, yellow perhaps?
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