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Thu May 9 04:10:28 GMT 2013

Issue #325 has been updated by shackra.

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csolisr wrote:
> The patch is already applied... but it doesn't work as well as one would want (see the embedded file for details). This means that several sites don't detect IceWeasel as H.264-able (such as Vimeo, where it's the only HTML5 format available), and none detect it as MP3- or AAC-able. Is it an upstream error, or a problem with configuration?

Don't sure where the issue is, but this is my results from HTML5 Test (see attached), just H.264 support but not to ACC and MP3. Maybe a issue of gstreamer?
Bug #325: compiles iceweasel-libre with Gstreamer support

Author: shackra
Status: open
Priority: feature
Assignee: coadde
Target version: 

Did you know that since version 14.0 Firefox for GNU / Linux is able to use GStreamer to play any audio and video format with which you are on the web? So taking advantage of this project, Firefox would be able to play content on codecs at first banned for Mozilla browser, such as the proprietary H.264, Mp3 or ACC.

read more here [spanish]: http://gnulinuxvagos.es/topic/1056-compilar-firefoxiceweaselabrowser-con-soporte-gstreamer/

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