[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #263] (fixed) Move code from [makechrootpkg] in [libretools.git] back into [chroottools.git]

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Fri May 3 01:09:50 GMT 2013

Issue #263 has been updated by lukeshu.

Status changed from open to fixed
% Done changed from 0 to 100

Done in git.
Bug #263: Move code from [makechrootpkg] in [libretools.git] back into [chroottools.git]

Author: lukeshu
Status: fixed
Priority: bug
Target version: 

chroottools.git is a fork of devtools.git, and is thus licensed GPLv2.  devtools includes the program "makechrootpkg", which has been deleted in chroottools.  However, some of the code from it has been copied into libretools.git, which is otherwise GPLv3+.

I think it might be a good idea to rework
makechrootpkg into "chroot-functions" or something to keep them
separated for licensing reasons, and so that I can pull devtools
changes to that code.

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