[Dev] [Packages (i686 and x86_64) - Freedom issue #303] (in progress) [openshot] 1.4.3-1optdepends on faac

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Wed Mar 13 19:11:13 GMT 2013

Issue #303 has been updated by Emulatorman.

Status changed from open to in progress
Assignee set to Emulatorman

Freedom issue #303: [openshot] 1.4.3-1optdepends on faac

Author: mtjm
Status: in progress
Priority: freedom issue
Assignee: Emulatorman
Target version: 

<pre>./community/openshot/PKGBUILD:	    'libquicktime' 'libavc1394' 'faac' 'jack' 'jack-rack' 'ladspa')</pre>

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