[Dev] [Packages (i686 and x86_64) - Bug #350] Please Import HandBrake From Arch Community Repo

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Sun Jun 16 21:07:04 GMT 2013

Issue #350 has been updated by fauno.

Last time I tried to build it without faac I discovered two things: 

* The developer(s) weren't very welcoming to the libre faac alternative (see their bug tracker, this may have changed)

* Handbrake doesn't have dependencies because the build system downloads the needed libraries and builds them in place.

I just decided it wasn't worth it at the moment :P 
Bug #350: Please Import HandBrake From Arch Community Repo

Author: jxself
Status: open
Priority: wish
Target version: 

The Arch Community Repo contains the packages handbrake & handbrake-cli. It would be very awesome if it was available in Parabola.

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