[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #251] (in progress) [libremakepkg] Bind mount $SRCDEST and $PKGDEST

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Sat Jun 15 18:00:20 GMT 2013

Issue #251 has been updated by lukeshu.

Status changed from open to in progress
Priority changed from wish to feature

Upstream makechrootpkg does this; sort of. It bind mounts them to srcdest_host and pkgdest_host, then symlinks the files, then copies the new files to *_host when done.

We'll get that the next time I merge devtools updates.
Bug #251: [libremakepkg] Bind mount $SRCDEST and $PKGDEST

Author: fauno
Status: in progress
Priority: feature
Target version: 

This will be easier with #261, but also requires a change in logic. Right now it copies the files between the inside and outside directories; if we bind mount them it must chown them instead.

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