[Dev] [Libretools - Bug #75] make [libretools] abs/abslibre/abslibre-mips64el/pbs agnostic

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Wed Jun 12 03:38:02 GMT 2013

Issue #75 has been updated by lukeshu.

Subject changed from (non-mips64el) -specific git configuration in /etc/libretools.conf to make [libretools] abs/abslibre/abslibre-mips64el/pbs agnostic

Bug #75: make [libretools] abs/abslibre/abslibre-mips64el/pbs agnostic

Author: lluvia
Status: open
Priority: bug
Target version: don't break and confuse parabolers

I think it should be something like a 


variable at /etc/libretools.conf. If not, user will be hacking the expected behavour of libretools in general. Also, hack or not, it is not documented in the wiki, AFAIK, how to use libretools for packaging in mips64el, so a new packager would be in problems, for example reading this as reference:


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