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Wed Jul 24 10:29:56 GMT 2013

Issue #372 has been updated by drtan.

Thank you. I should have known that I don't have to bother wallpapers for the live system. ; ) I like both. I'll use one of them as a default wallpaper in Parabola artwork for GNOME. I have a plan to package our default artwork so that it can be used both on live and installed systems across desktop environments, available in the single location (like /usr/share/themes/). I like to try to replace GDM login screen background to match position of the logo on a wallpaper; maybe use a desaturated version of the stripped wallpaper there. Any feedback is much welcomed as always. :P
Bug #372: some wallpapers for re-branding

Author: shackra
Status: in progress
Priority: feature
Assignee: shackra
Target version: 

I did some wallpapers, in both 16:9 and 4:3 proportions (although the sizes are the same and they aren't SVG files). They could be used as default wallpapers for live session without installing Parabola, etc.

I hear proposals for more wallpapers :)

here they are:


the license is CC-BY-SA 3.0 Costa Rica

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