[Dev] [Loongson 2F (mips64el) - Bug #361] (fixed) [zsh] 5.0.2-2 check fails, has files in sbin

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Sun Jul 21 12:37:55 GMT 2013

Issue #361 has been updated by ovruni.

Due date set to 07/21/2013
Status changed from open to fixed
Assignee set to ovruni

zsh-5.0.2-2 has built successfully
Bug #361: [zsh] 5.0.2-2 check fails, has files in sbin

Author: mtjm
Status: fixed
Priority: broken
Assignee: ovruni
Target version: 


<pre>./Y01completion.ztst: starting.
(zpty):zpty:19: can't open pseudo terminal: bad file descriptor
comptestinit:zpty:21: no such pty command: zsh
Test ./Y01completion.ztst failed: non-zero status from preparation code:
  if ( zmodload -i zsh/zpty ) >/dev/null 2>&1; then
    . $ZTST_srcdir/comptest
    mkdir comp.tmp
    cd comp.tmp
    comptestinit -z $ZTST_testdir/../Src/zsh &&
      mkdir dir1 &&
      mkdir dir2 &&
      touch file1 &&
      touch file2
    ZTST_unimplemented="the zsh/zpty module is not available"
./Y01completion.ztst: test failed.
Test ./Y01completion.ztst failed: bad status 1, expected 0 from:
  comptest $': \t\t\t\t\t\t\t'
Error output:
comptest:zpty:2: no such pty command: zsh
comptest:zpty:3: no such pty command: zsh
Was testing: directories and files
./Y01completion.ztst: test failed.</pre>

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