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Wed Jul 17 06:58:59 GMT 2013

Issue #56 has been updated by lukeshu.

Subject changed from Support tagging issues to [labs] Support tagging issues

Bug #56: [labs] Support tagging issues

Author: mtjm
Status: open
Priority: feature
Target version: 

>From #parabola:
16:54 < mtjm> fauno: does labs.parabola.nu support tagging of issues?
16:55 < mtjm> so e.g. the how to help page could have a link to a list of all open issues which need MIPS assembly knowledge to fix
16:56 < fauno> mmm maybe with a plugin
16:56 < mtjm> Ruby or C might be a better case
16:57 < fauno> https://github.com/friflaj/redmine_tagging

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