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Sun Jul 14 17:58:49 GMT 2013

Issue #366 has been updated by g4jc.

File winetricks-libre added

Emulatorman wrote:
> can you create a 100% of your version to create a -libre version of this package? it could be good to put on libre, but i need a complete file to create a pkgbuild with your file.

Here's a version at least 99% complete. All fonts removed since they can use native fonts on Parabola. 
Also removed Firefox, OpenWatcom, and MacOSX only stuff.

The only remaining concern is Cygwin (is this fully free?). I'm seeing GPLv3, but it is an entire virtual distro of sorts.

Freedom issue #366: [winetricks-libre] Patched and Ported from winetricks community

Author: g4jc
Status: open
Priority: feature
Target version: 

I noticed winetricks is not in any of our repositories. This is likely due to it suggesting many non-free additions to wine. It is however quite useful for free alternatives such as mono and for maintaining a clean wine prefix as it does all of this with a nice GUI for the user.
The original package is here: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/any/winetricks/

Attached is my version which contains 90% or more of the non-free compononents removed. 
I am unsure about the fonts, so if someone could look over that section it _should be_ safe to include in [libre].

TODOS: It would be nice to find working GPL substitutions for the benchmark and games category in this script. Although such substitutions can actually be done up-stream rather than just in this package.

Enjoy! :)

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