[Dev] Loongson 3A port

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sun Jan 27 16:53:55 GMT 2013

> will we need to rebuild the whole repos or we can start with [core] and hope
> [extra], etc. don't crash meanwhile?

We will know when we try.

>> 4# Port a kernel.  IMO we don't need it stable and secure now, we could
>>    just deblob the LOonux 3.5 kernel and use something else (plain
>>    Linux-libre) after 3.9 is released (or later depending on when the
>>    patches are merged).
>>    (We need separate 2F and 3A binaries.)
> which kernel version is that? better ask lxoliva imo.

?  LOonux has the blobbed sources in its repos (and in git), the patches
at linux-mips certainly won't go before 3.9 and aren't merged yet.  (I
don't know if linux-mips has its own patches that would be needed for

>> How technically will we handle packages with 2F and 3A variants in
>> abslibre and repos?  (E.g. to avoid nonworking packages, bad dependency
>> resolution and code duplication in PKGBUILDs.)
> call for two more arches, loongson3a and loongson2f? but i don't think pacman
> would allow mixing arches, say mips64el+loongson2f...

We would have to modify all mips64el conditionals in PKGBUILDs and edit
all arch arrays.  Maybe separate paths of repos or different repo names?
(I.e. libre-3a, libre, core-3a, core, extra-3a and extra would be used
for 3A, with scripts supporting builds using makepkg.conf for 3a or
generic mips3.)
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