[Dev] [Art4Parabola - Bug #282] New logo proposal

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Tue Jan 22 16:14:45 GMT 2013

Issue #282 has been updated by shackra.

Priority changed from bug to critical
File purple_vs_orange.png added

I changed the color Magenta for a real purple, it looks better that the former. But I don't know what the others thinks about this purple http://www.colorhexa.com/800080

Anyway, I'll love to ear opinions and use the new design (after few fixes, of course!)
Bug #282: New logo proposal

Author: shackra
Status: open
Priority: critical
Assignee: shackra
Target version: 

I'm proposing a new logo for Parabola GNU/Linux, my thought are on the image attached to this issue.

I did a purple version and place it along with the orange version originally proposed, take in account that such orange is the Archlinux blue inverted.

as soon as people decide what to do so we will have a new face to show :)

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