[Dev] [Voting] Package freedom guidelines draft two

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Tue Jan 8 09:02:29 GMT 2013

> are there other packages where works of opinion are included?

I don't know any.

>> G. == Naming of replacement packages ==
>> 1. If we change upstream "a" to "b", change "a" to "b" in the name.
>> 2. If the resulting package cannot be used instead of the original
>>    package, change its name so users will know this and other packages
>>    won't use it.
>> Many existing replacement packages have different names, they should
>> not be changed just for this rule.
> i don't understand g

A simpler explanation: don't add "-libre" to a package name, remember to
rename it if it cannot be used by unmodified packages expecting the
non-libre version.
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