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Jorge Araya Navarro jorgean at lavabit.com
Wed Jan 2 20:45:00 GMT 2013

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Hello! :)

Time to do some apologetic for my work thought!

first, the proposal is here https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/282 I
attached both new logo and color suggestion (see orange vs purple file).

> The orange reminds me of brown of old Ubuntu themes, I'm not sure if
> this is intended.
Nop, is not. The orange comes from inverting the blue color used on
Archlinux logo.

> (I like the idea of using multiple colours to
> symbolize diversity.)
I'll say it one more time: Is a very baaaaad idea from the designing
point of view.

> Is having five parts of the parabola intentional?
I added two more parts, yes, it was intentional ;).

> Do you have an SVG source of the logo?
Yes I do, but I'll be releasing it until people decide what to do with
my proposal.

> i liked the old purple though :P
> - fauno, the voice of the statu quo
OMG, FIGHT THE POWER!! glol. please see Orange vs Purple image test
attached on bug #282. However, I'm really unsure about using the purple
color... After all you could use other colors as background for
wallpapers and stuff like that, something that is really hard to archive
with a purple logo.

> we must to
> change grub colour, and other packages that contains information about
> our colour distro eg: filesystem. It increase our work on the packages
But, we'll embrace such amount of work **once**, and "pacman -Ss brand"
shows just 7 packages.

> Maybe we could make it a gif and it could rotate colors
glol, no. That should be avoided at any cost, one set of color must be
one set of colors.

IN OTHER NEWS: no one else send to me their mailing address for the DDG
tshirts, so, I'll be sending a email to DDG Team these days with what I
got so far.

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