[Dev] [Packages (i686 and x86_64) - Bug #271] [cdrkit-libre] replaces [cdrtools] while both packages are available

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Sun Feb 24 13:24:35 GMT 2013

Issue #271 has been updated by Emulatorman.

ah ok mtjm, so due that cdrtools has an incompatible mix of the GPL and the CDDL, it will be removed from our distro. thanks for the information.
Bug #271: [cdrkit-libre] replaces [cdrtools] while both packages are available

Author: mtjm
Status: in progress
Priority: freedom issue
Target version: 

Check if the reasons to blacklist cdrkit or the reasons for Debian to fork it apply to current cdrtools and maybe blacklist it.

Reported by drtan on #parabola.

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