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Tue Feb 12 18:53:26 GMT 2013

Issue #294 has been updated by johkra.

File SRCBUILD added
File PKGBUILD added

Both of these files are not needed and not used during the build. I do not know how we handle extraneous non-free files in the source tarball if the resulting package is not at all affected by it.

I personally would keep the Arch packages in the repos, but fix the PKGBUILD in abs-libre. I've attached a SRCBUILD which deletes these files and the adapted PKGBUILD to this comment. I've also put the cleaned source tarball at http://parabolaweb.eu/src/pypy-2.0beta1-1-any.src.tar.xz .
Freedom issue #294: Remove pypy from blacklist

Author: johkra
Status: open
Priority: freedom issue
Target version: 

Older versions of pypy included pstats.py[1] and profile.py[2] with a problematic license. With version 2.0 beta 1 (available from the Arch repos) these files have been relicensed under the Apache 2 license.

Unless there are other freedom issues (these are the ones given to me when I last asked about it), it would be nice if pypy could be removed from the blacklist.

[1] https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/07e08e9c885ca67d89bcc304e45a32346daea2fa/lib-python/2.7/pstats.py?at=release-2.0-beta-1
[2] https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/07e08e9c885ca67d89bcc304e45a32346daea2fa/lib-python/2.7/profile.py?at=release-2.0-beta-1

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