[Dev] [pbot-ng - Bug #398] (fixed) I don't know if pbot's data is being backed up

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Wed Aug 28 11:52:53 GMT 2013

Issue #398 has been updated by xylon.

Status changed from open to fixed
% Done changed from 0 to 100

OK, I've set up backups.

Every day, cron makes a .tar.gz of the above listed files and directries in pbot-ng's home folder, overwriting the previous archive.

Also once a day, I download the most recent archive from the server to my own computer over ssh. Then I check it's last modified time to make sure the archive was made within the last day.
Bug #398: I don't know if pbot's data is being backed up

Author: xylon
Status: fixed
Priority: wish
Target version: 

I will have to investigate what backups are done on the repo server and if pbot-ng is included.

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