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Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Sun Aug 11 03:02:08 GMT 2013

Diogo Leal <estranho at diogoleal.com> writes:

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> Hello,
> Last month I did the update a few packages from PCR and showed some
> hackers here. I took advantage and created PKGBUILD some other packages
> that had the Parabola.[0]
> But I would like to contribute in a more active and responsible.
> I use Free Software since 1998, using the distros Mandrake, Debian and
> Slackware, I used that last for more than 7 years and tried to help in
> some ways, [1] [2] but as it was not satisfying me, then migrated to
> Arch. but after some time, was no longer using various proprietary
> programs such as Flash, Skype, etc.. Then in April I migrated to Parabola.
> Ah! And I still have some packages in AUR
> I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
> How should I proceed?

awesome \o/

currently we're discussing our policy, so far includes adding your gpg
and ssh keys to our hackers.git (in projects), but we want to create a
parabola web of trust too.  this is what we got so far:


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