[Dev] [Packages (i686 and x86_64) - Bug #316] (in progress) Missing deps for package GNU Health

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Sun Apr 21 19:57:07 GMT 2013

Issue #316 has been updated by Emulatorman.

Status changed from open to in progress

Hi, i readed your link and i added the missing dependencies on the new revision [0], except gcc due that is unnecessary, that package is included on our distro by default 

Now that revision is available on Parabola, please check if it is fine or if is necessary add more dependencies.

[0] https://projects.parabolagnulinux.org/abslibre.git/commit/?id=4f50eb5002ad1c986271a8db2ce7b47ed0eae6f9
Bug #316: Missing deps for package GNU Health

Author: meanmicio
Status: in progress
Priority: bug
Assignee: Emulatorman
Target version: 

Hi there !

Thanks a lot for creating the package gnuhealth !

We're missing some requirements, such as postgresql. I have documented the requirements for Arch on Wikibooks [0] . I think it would be a good start to check the packages there.

Thank you again for integrating GNU Health in Parabola !



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