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Fri Apr 19 14:13:42 GMT 2013

Issue #12 has been updated by martin.

Since I'm an actual translator of this project into Slovak language and a dedicated promoter, I'll take part in helping Jorge with possible future issues occurring within deployment and reliable running of GNU MediaGoblin instances. 

PS: I urge you - other hackers - speaking with different languages to bring the native port of strings for your particular language in order to soar adoption rates or at least get an ordinary public informed. Thanks! (=

1.| https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/mediagoblin/resource/mediagoblin/
Bug #12: GNU MediaGoblin

Author: fauno
Status: open
Priority: feature
Assignee: shackra
Target version: 

Write an article about installing and running mediagoblin on a Parabola server

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