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Fri Apr 19 13:52:55 GMT 2013

Issue #118 has been updated by martin.

Google Corp. is planning to shut the service down beginning with July 1st of 2013. Also I can see no problem in linkage to their aggregating service as far as this is all part of a client / project under FSF approved license. The Parabola Project is not promoting use of non-free web-services by any means.

PS: Should be marked as FIXED or WON'T FIX. (=
Freedom issue #118: [newsbeuter] Google Reader support

Author: l1mpm4rk
Status: open
Priority: freedom issue
Target version: 

I think newsbeuter software does not meet the theme of freedom, as it uses some commands to make use of "Google Reader"
It would be good idea to check.

Makes use of commands like: googlereader-*

Here the manual newsbeuter: [[http://ompldr.org/vZTByag]]

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