[Dev] [librewrt-dev] Add librewrt support for TP-Link TP-LINK TL-WDR3500/3600/4300/4310

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Wed Apr 17 13:10:24 GMT 2013

Dmitry Samoyloff <dmitry at librewrt.org> writes:
> That's right, the version 2's codebase have no support for
> TL-WDR3500/3600/4300/4310.
> Just in case for people that want to find out if LibreWrt 2 have
> support for some hardware, one can get its source tarball, unpack
> it and run "make menuconfig". Then traverse the "Target System" and
> "Target Profile" menus.

hi, isn't it possible to pull all of the openwrt sources/targets while
removing the unfree bits?  owrt provides git mirrors of their svn, at
parabola lukeshu crafted some scripts to pull from arch git repos and
remove stuff selectively, maybe this technique can be helpful to you

at least the ar71xx (all of tplink routers afaik) target uses ath9k :)
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