[Dev] Remove the Facebook support for Parabola software

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Thu Apr 11 14:03:33 GMT 2013

Guest One <theguestone at gmail.com> writes:

> Reading this http://www.fsf.org/facebook and this
> http://stallman.org/facebook.html i have a question for you:
> should Parabola remove the Facebook support from applications like Pidgin,
> Empathy, Gwibber and from all the others?
> maybe should be a good policy.

we've discussed this.  it would require removing msn and all other
reverse engineered proprietary protocols as well.  also setting up
triggers on browsers.  if the implementation is free software the distro
shouldn't decide what people should do with it.

also it could be argued that it's better to have support for facebook on
locally running free software instead of using the proprietary
javascript on their site.

sorry but technocracy is not my cup of tea :)

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