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Thu Apr 4 21:29:35 GMT 2013

Issue #206 has been updated by Jristz.

ok finally ponysay support free ponies (and animals) in they release 3.0
this aur package is a scetch of the free version
you otice they add --freedom=strict this imply that are free

you can read ponysay-free to the repos now???

if you know of any non-free pony on the installed, pleas submit an issue whit the poy and the source that show that isnot free (the source is for prevent trolling and mistakes)
Freedom issue #206: [ponysay] custionable ponies in this package

Author: Jristz
Status: open
Priority: feature
Target version: 

As far I know many (for not say all, but no, not are all are property of Hasbro inc. (arroun 100 ponies are licenced for hasbro [ponysay round 190]).
Hasbro say that any can use they ponies for anything that arenot monetary and not use apple HD videos as full leght, but many ponies are originally from browserponies and destop-ponies (and many of them under probably cc-nc-sa3.0 [non-comercial] licence) probably the ponies indibidually are not uder the licence but other maybe yes

is FS maintain tose ponyes or rembout the 2ove (in a heuristical search a 300 ponies) in the repo???

the ponysay.py and other are WTFPL and they want change for GPL but I talk about the ponies

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