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Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Sep 27 13:19:51 GMT 2012

Ineiev <ineiev at gnu.org> writes:

> On 09/27/2012 03:13 PM, Michał Masłowski wrote:
>> Register there or convince other developers that you don't need mail
>> notifications and we should allow anonymous submissions.
> Thank you; I choose not to register.
> How can I contact those other developers?

E.g. by writing to the dev at lists.parabolagnulinux.org list.

> Basically, my point is as follows: Parabola is known
> to follow FSF's guidelines for free system distributions; and
> they imply "a firm commitment to correct mistakes".
> I'm not sure the commitment may definitely qualify as firm
> if a random user can't easily report the bugs; personally,
> so far I've done the next:

You can report these in less formal ways, they rarely need to be
searchable or discussed on the tracker (most are "solved" by removing a
package and listing it on the blacklist).  Changing this is needed for
technical issues that e.g. prevent users from installing Parabola on
their machines.

> (0) I tried the described procedure for the first time (months ago).
> (1) When I failed to report the bug and to find on those pages
>     any contacts of Parabola people, I asked report-nonfree at fsf.org
>     for assistance; after some discussion they pointed to this mailing
>     list.

There are small links to the IRC channel and to the lists (and the main
page of the new issue tracker) on the main page.

> (2) I dropped a message to this list without prior subscription;
>     the message seems to have been rejected.

I think they are manually approved, I don't know who does it, we need a
clearer policy on that.

> I don't think it is absolutely necessary to accept anonymous
> submissions (though it would be good IMO); however, Parabola could
> at least

Several users wrote that they won't report bugs since it requires
registration, we should fix this.

> (a) say in the wiki (or better in the bug tracker) that one
> should register in order to report bugs there;

> (b) suggest that
> people may alternatively report bugs e.g. on this list;

This is implicit, would asking to report problems with the bug tracker
there be ok?

> (c) moderate the messages coming to that list from non-subscribers
> more carefully.
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