[Dev] Acerca de libretools/About libretools

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Sep 20 07:51:46 GMT 2012

> Libretools _was_ perfect for that task `aur ruby-rails` but it seems
> like `aur` try to run `vimdiff` and fails without notice. Shouldn't
> dependencies be managed automatically? Or handle the missing program?

Should use /etc/libretools.conf which has a diff program setting?

I don't like having to merge the changes in /etc/libretools.conf when
updating, it's a long and customized file.  Maybe the programs could
have a good default (i.e. first program from a fixed list that is
available) and the default configuration would have an empty value for

> I think __it's important to do something about it because libretools
> is getting hard to maintain__ (`toru` is broken, a lot of duplicated
> code...) __and adapted to few's personal workflow__ (forced `vimdiff`
> on `aur`?).

It is important.  Although toru works for some specific workflows, it
isn't documented enough and probably has bad defaults.

Having both fullpkg and treepkg for different workflows might be a part
of the same problem.

> I'm not going to start inmediately, but I'm starting with `fullpkg`
> specs and it's unit tests. BTW, https://bugs.parabolagnulinux.org/ is
> down.

It is, we can start it if it's needed for this (or provide database
dumps for the migration).
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