[Dev] About DuckDuckGo offer to Parabola...

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Wed Oct 31 07:43:34 GMT 2012

> I think that use the money to get mips machines to the hackers to
> maintain mips version for Parabola is a excellent idea. eg: my brother
> (coadde) and me want to maintain for mips too, but due that we don't
> have mips arquitecture, it is impossible do it.

I much often read that people have YeeLoongs and are not able to
contribute.  When I don't leave the YeeLoong turned off for a month and
it builds packages, we sometimes don't have outdated packages that don't
fail build or are not ported.

You can help without a mips64el machine:

- many packages fail on all arches due to changes in other packages, you
  can fix them in abslibre-mips64el to build on x86_64

- some packages can be crosscompiled or run in a virtual machine, this
  might be ok for porting e.g. gccgo (using the virtual machine only to
  run the go programs)

- some packages are tools that can run on other hosts, e.g. gold or

We could also offer access to remote mips64el machines, like gNewSense
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