[Dev] mistery solved!

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Sat Oct 13 14:13:43 GMT 2012

From time to time i've found garbage under staging/ that prevented
db-update to release packages. (staging/$repo/ dirs are used to upload
parabola built packages)

today i found A LOT and while i was removing them aurelien complained
about repo-update failing... but our syncing script is called db-sync!

the problem was that repo-update, our old and buggy sync script, used to
download packages from kernel.org into staging/ and then use repo-add to
release them. this was problematic because there wasn't anything that
made packages *leave* the repos... until db-sync came in.

so i removed repo-update, if you were running it manually please don't,
use db-sync to synchronize packages (it's done once per day) and
db-update to release packages. i'll perform other cleanups to avoid
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