[Dev] A live CD/USB for loongson hardware

s.boutayeb at free.fr s.boutayeb at free.fr
Thu Nov 22 18:01:21 GMT 2012


I just found in [1] that the loongson hardware may eventually enable the 
execution of a live system (either from an USB drive or from a CD/DVD drive.

See [2], where pmon launches the system from an iso9660 filesystem 

It sounds interesting. However, Im am not sure if this is a new feature 
introduced in the updated pmon, which runs on the recent 3A hardware, or if 
the "old" pmon used in the Fuloong/Yeeloong enables the booting from an 
iso9660 filesystem.


[1] http://www.loongson.cn/dev/ftp/os/live_usb/
[2] http://www.loongson.cn/dev/ftp/os/live_usb/readme
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