[Dev] A recent rescue image for the Yeeloong

s.boutayeb at free.fr s.boutayeb at free.fr
Fri Nov 16 13:26:24 GMT 2012

I installed Gentoo on a spare partition of my Yeeloong. Very nice...

The README [1] suggests to use a netboot image for the installation.

Indeed, the netboot-yeeloong.img ( from [2]) may be used alternatively as a
rescue image, and not only as a netboot image, as described in the document.
It's an convenient toolbox, especially with its recent kernel and busybox.

Used as rescue image, you can install it on the internal disk (instead of an usb

Then, the "/boot/boot.cfg" file should have following lines (assuming that the
/boot partition is on /dev/sda1):

title Rescue/Netboot (from Gentoo)
   kernel (wd0,0)/netboot/netboot-yeeloong.img
   args console=tty no_auto_cmd



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