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Daniel Clark dclark at pobox.com
Sun Nov 11 19:08:23 GMT 2012

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 7:55 AM, Fuxin Zhang <zhangfx at lemote.com> wrote:

> But we do have other pc/server models that can be provided in volume.

Are you referring to these?

Spark 3A 6100 split desktop (星火3A 6100分体台式机)
Sales Status: upcoming

Red Sun 3A 2001 server (红日 3A 2001服务器)
Sales Status: upcoming

>From a FSF point of view I do not think they would be any more interesting
then the 8133 laptop due to use of the same graphics chipset, however the
possibility of 16GB of RAM on the server should be very welcome news to
GNU/Linux distributions trying to compile more complex software - I know
the 2GB limit of the Yeeloong was causing hard problems for some people.
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