[Dev] [loongson-dev] Which graphics chip is used your Loongson hardware?

Fuxin Zhang zhangfx at lemote.com
Sun Nov 11 12:45:40 GMT 2012

> Hi,
> I would like to know which graphics chip your loongson machine is
> using, including the ones using a 3A CPU.
Yeeloong 8xxx (based on Loongson2F CPU) uses Silicon Motion 712 as
graphics chip, connected to CPU with PCI bus.

Yeeloong 8133 (based on Loongson3A) uses the embed GPU of AMD RS780
chipset(should be radeon HD 3200). The system bus is Hypertransport.

We used to also use some chips like sis315E, sis6326, XGI z9 etc. in older

If you are interested in detailed information, you can mail me to ask.


> For instance, on a Yeeloong (model 8089) the output of:
> lspci | grep VGA
> in GNewsense (kernel is 3.6.6-gnu) is:
> 00:08:0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Motion, Inc. SM712 LynxEM+
> (rev b0)
> In OpenBSD (5.2), the output of:
> pcidump -v
> is:
> 0:8:0: Silicon Motion LynxEM+
>         0x0000: Vendor ID: 126f Product ID: 0712
> Thanks in advance
> regards
> samy
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