[Dev] Which graphics chip is used your Loongson hardware?

s.boutayeb at free.fr s.boutayeb at free.fr
Sun Nov 11 10:06:29 GMT 2012

I would like to know which graphics chip your loongson machine is
using, including the ones using a 3A CPU.

For instance, on a Yeeloong (model 8089) the output of:

lspci | grep VGA

in GNewsense (kernel is 3.6.6-gnu) is:
00:08:0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Motion, Inc. SM712 LynxEM+
(rev b0)

In OpenBSD (5.2), the output of:

pcidump -v


0:8:0: Silicon Motion LynxEM+
        0x0000: Vendor ID: 126f Product ID: 0712
Thanks in advance

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