[Dev] [lemote] [Fwd: Re: Loongson 3A hardware]

Sam Geeraerts samgee at elmundolibre.be
Sat Nov 10 21:34:01 GMT 2012

Daniel Clark wrote:
> I'm getting a sample unit soon to evaluate soon (just did the wire transfer
> yesterday), if that goes well I'll probably start selling the Lemote 8133
> Loongson3a based laptop.
> If I do sell them, I'll get another unit and put it on iKVM [1] and remote
> power cycling control to help GNU/Linux distro porting efforts. If I don't,
> I'll do the same with the initial unit.

Interesting. I never worked with iKVM before. I suppose that's single
user access? Does that work with free software?

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