[Dev] Loongson 3A hardware

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Nov 9 21:55:09 GMT 2012

>> - there is no English documentation for the CPU, none of our developers
>>   know Chinese
> See [1] where one can find some eventually usefull infos about the cpu
> (the actual one is named "3A" and should be followed by an upgrade named
> "3B".

I trust you that it would be useful for a developer who knows the
language it is written in.

> As for the machines using this 3A cpu, I am aware of:
> - a laptop [2] AKA "Librenote", according to [3],
> - a desktop [4], and 
> - a server [5].

These might answer the "should we buy it?" question, the CPU
documentation is useful later.  Although I haven't seen e.g. a specific
chipset vendor name for the wifi card.

> Another potentially interesting reference seems to be in [6].
> Unfortunately, the decompressing of the "linux-3A-notebook.tgz" archive
> ends with an "gzip: stdin: unexpectec end of file" message.

Very slow download; might be interesting.

> See [7] where one file is related to the radeonhd gpu. According to the
> COPYING file inside the archive, this is under the xorg license from
> freedesktop.org)

The microcode is included with the kernel (and linux-firmware).  All
code run on the main CPU since the kernel starts is free, I don't know
how PMON initializes the display.
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